The NFT world is taking over and memes are next!

Welcome to NFMemes. Memes using NFTs and blockchain technology.

What’s the next big opportunity for budding entrepreneurs? How about selling memes? Apparently, there’s a lot of money to be made there.

Take, for example, the Nyan Cat.

The Nyan Cat was actually a YouTube video that was uploaded back in 2011 and yes, if you’ve looked at the link you’re reading that right: it has more than 185m views. The video was of an animated cartoon cat with a Pop-Tart as its body flying through the air trailing a rainbow … and accompanied by a Japanese song playing in the background. Yes, it’s bizarre, but it was and to this day remains a popular meme used by many for social media posts.

According to an Artnet report, the meme made news this past week after a digital recreation was sold on the online crypto art platform Foundation for 300 Ether (Ethereum is a digital currency not unlike Bitcoin). The value as of then? About $600,000.

Yes, someone paid more than half a million dollars for a digital image of a cat with a Pop-Tart body flying through the air. And we’re in a recession.

What made this sale special is that it highlighted the possibilities of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. Mashable’s Jack Morse said that these are “unique digital items authenticated on the blockchain that are selling for upwards of hundreds of dollars”. There are digital workplaces like Rarible and the aforementioned Foundation that sell these pieces of art and they can do so because NFT technology allows the artwork to be unique and identifiable. What’s even more enticing is that, because these tokens are digital and permanently associated with the artwork, artists can potentially also get a piece of any future resales.

With NFmemes you can do just that. Our beta platform will be ready late 2nd quarter or early 3rd quarter. The way it seems to be progressing this will likely take place a whole lot sooner. Once launched this virtual space will be an artists playground.

Its 2021 time to get creative and make some money off of your art. We are changing the way art is going to be bought and sold. Consider this the revolution of how art is displayed.

In Decentraland, every bit of revenue will go directly into liquidity, this will icrease the value of the investors holdings.

1,000,000,000,000 coins created on our way to the Moon!

Eventually with each NFT minted NFMeme tokens will be bought and burned. Do not pay attention to the coins pay attention to the MARKET-CAP.

Get involved, get creative and ENJOY!

Here is a link to the whitepaper…

Welcome to NFMemes.