NFMemes the revolution of how ART will be displayed! 💜🤍💗

NFMemes will be utilizing the digital world and Decentraland is where our NFMemes ART gallery will exist. The internet age is upon us and blockchain technology has changed the world as we know it. Incase you were unaware, 1000s of people wander around Decentraland daily so whether artist or an investor, NFMemes is here to bring you financial freedom.

What you have below are ways we will utilize this technology, so read up. The transition into digital eternity is upon us, so don’t get caught asleep.

If you didn’t read the whitepaper you should. There are multiple ways we will be able to generate income and this will constantly contribute to immense growth of this innovative project.

100% of the revenue is always allocated to you the investor. The funds generated in the Gallery/World will be divided as such, 60% will be added directly to the LP (your holdings) and 40% will go towards further development and construction of the Gallery/World. The following is just a few ways this revenue will be generated…

1. The commission off of each sale of an art piece

2. The advertisement revenue from other projects/businesses using different methods to advertise (Ad, walls, giveaways etc)

3. The minting revenue that we receive minting an nft using us and the platform we provide

Incase you were unaware, square footage of land in Decentraland went for as much as 7 figures U.S currency.

We have contacted and been contacted some wonderful artists, if you are an artist or investor then you really, really won’t want to miss this.

True Art is flow and flow is creation a constant theme that includes everything. It really all begins and ends at thought, you literally are your artistic imagination. As our community inevitably grows so will the project and different ways we can add to its inevitable expansion. I am certain you won’t want to miss this. We haven’t even started to show you what else is in store and what else our plans consist of, stay tuned. Lastly we have had questions regarding Decentraland and its use of Ethereum. We have a few ideas on how this will work and benefit holders of both indeed.

🎂 Pancake

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at This will be absolutely epic. Stay tuned. 💜🤍💗